Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Now that it is officially Winter, the eventuality of our tour commencing is beginning to feel much more real. And so I'm starting to take stock and think pretty hard about what equipment I have, what I'll need and how to fill the gap.

One of the biggest concerns for me - and any touring cyclist really - is figuring out how to transport my gear on my bike. The alternatives come down to bags or a trailer and I settled on using bags long ago. Now for no good reason I can't cope with the concept of paying for a set of bags which usually retail for over $100 and can run up into the $300 range. Of course you get what you pay for, but realistically I'm not so sure that what I need is a Cadillac setup when the Saturn will do just fine. Instead what I'm thinking is going with the 'Do It Yourself' approach which will involve either making my bags from scratch (like this guy and this one) or modifying bags (here).

My instincts are leaning me towards modifying a bag since the margin for error is much lower. However, I am seriously interested in making one of these bad boys on my own.

I'll post some pictures when the drama unfolds.